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Here is Santa Clara Vanguard performing the most beautiful music from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  Phantom of the Opera. I can honestly say that this show inspired me when I was in marching band in high school. This show is from 1989 and it is FANTASTIC!…. They won the DCI Championships with this show also.

becketts-areola you got me on a marching band kick! lol

alwayswritewithcoffee I don’t know if marching bands are your thing, but I remember you saying you liked Phantom and if you haven’t seen this you should. I fell in love with the music in this show before seeing the story. It’s so good.


Do you ever just watch so many British tv shows that you can’t even hear the accents anymore


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girls who squat before and after wow…

Sugarscape's guess at "Steal my girl"'s lyrics


Verse 1: Liam
I got this beautiful girl, yeah her name is Sophia
But I gotta tell you now, I gotta make this crystal clear
I’m the only one allowed to give her wedgies on a boat
‘Stupid boy smelly pasta house’, that’s my best ever quote
Not sure why that matters but in conclusion to…



curves on women are great, but curves on final exams are really what get me going


today was my last day in my creative writing class and my teacher gave everybody a piece of paper to write down a contract and to put it in our wallets. she said she did the same thing when she was younger and every now and then she’d brush by it and remember that she wanted to write. everybody took time to write out what they wanted and I just sat at the back of the class, sitting on the windowsill and I knew there was only one thing to write but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. at the end of the class after everybody left, I went to thank her for the year, and she told me that people should be reading my words for a long time, but they won’t be able to do that if I’m not around to write them. I showed her the blank piece of paper, and she said it was okay not to write anything, and then I wrote this. I learned the power of words in that class, I learned it was okay to vomit up half a dozen notebooks stained with blood and exploded pens because it means you have something to say.


indie blog

girls who squat before and after wow…


when you think your cramps are finished but then



5SOS album lines vintage(? (please dont delete/crop the credits)part 1.